BAM (Bachelor Advanced Metrics) Part 1

You know your boy loves the Bachelor family of products, you might also be aware that there is a new season coming next month.

Oh you didn't know? Well now you do.

Anyways, I thought it was important to be able to talk about the new contestants, but I thought it was also important to talk about them in a way that isn't based on their looks, because I felt kinda gross doing that. 


The solution our team of scientists came up with was the BAM score.

BAM, or Bachelor Advanced Metrics, is a score based on the information given to us in the contestant questionnaires published by ABC on their website.

BAM starts with age, we have taken the common held belief that the youngest woman a man should date is half his age plus seven. So for Nick, the bachelor this year, the Age Rating (AR) is based around the age of 25. So for each year older the contestant is they will receive a +1, and for each year younger than 25, the contestant will be penalized -1.


Astrid is 26, her AR is +1


For the next part, we take the contestants favourite movies and find the average Metacritic score of them, and divide by ten. Unfortunately this can get tricky when favourite movies aren't listed, in which case we look up any other media they have mentioned, such as a favourite book (for which we would used the score on 

This is called the FMMA, or Favourite Movie Metacritic Average

If they don't have a favourite book or movie, or anything then they get a zero for this section, because they are a boring person that only likes staring into oblivion.

It is not a perfect system, but it's what we have.


Finally we go through each answer that hasn't been covered in the previous sections. Each answer will be awarded a score between -1 and +1, at the scorers discretion.


Let's get to it


Part 2 coming tomorrow


Joe Menjivar is the senior love editor for OMID