Shameful PS Vita game review: Gal*Gun Double Peace

Japanese boxart for Gal*Gun Double Peace

Japanese boxart for Gal*Gun Double Peace

This game is not as horny as you’d want it to be.


I don’t really know who the audience for this game is, on the surface you would think it’s for the same crowd as the Senran Kagura games: horny teens.

But unlike that series all you really get here is some pantsu.

Back to the beginning, Gal*Gun Double Peace is basically an on rails shooter in the vein of House of the Dead or Time Crisis, except you know, without the light gun. The plot of Gal*Gun is basically that a really incompetent cupid has shot you with like a ton of arrows which has caused every girl in your school to fall madly in love with you, and now you must shoot them with… pheromones?

Let’s go with that. Pheromones.

The gameplay is Okay, thumbsticks are in my opinion not ever really a great way to aim a gun in a game, but it works enough, it might just be more of a me problem than anything. The framerate can chug a bit on the Vita, I hear it’s better on PS4, but I’m on a budget here you guys, I gotta save ten bucks where I can. Load times are pretty long, which is really bad especially when you’re playing on a portable system. You don’t want to spend half of your bus ride on loading screens, you’d probably like to spend that time playing.

But maybe that’s the point, Gal*Gun Double Peace isn’t really meant to be played on the train, or anywhere in public for that matter. This one is strictly for the boudoir.


Horniness factor


The game allows for a sort of limited, upgradeable x-ray vision, seeing through clothes is limited to exterior clothes, which allows the sad lonely gamer (me) to see these girl’s underwears. There is a 90 dollar piece of DLC called “Pheromone Z” that allows you to just straight up see them in their underthings. So yeah, I guess that’s cool? I dunno.

Don't do it. Reconsider. Read some literature on the subject.

Don't do it. Reconsider. Read some literature on the subject.


I ain’t here to yuck anyone’s yums, but if you’re paying $90 just to see some cartoon underwear, you fucked up somewhere in life. You know the internet exists right?

No thank you.

No thank you.

Like, you downloaded the $90 “Pheromone Z”  FROM THE INTERNET. There is a whole world out there of underwear girls, and most of them are free. FREE. Heck, there are probably naked girls on the internet for free. I wouldn’t know because I’m really classy and don’t even know what naked girls are.

For the more frugal pervert there is also the more affordable “Demons Meat Buns” DLC. For a measly $10 you can increase the bust size of all the girls. It’s counterpart the “Angle’s cutting board” DLC does the opposite, and shrinks bust sizes down for the same price, in case you were already feeling too good about playing a game based around panty shots and wanted to feel really bad about yourself.

Still, these DLCs are about $100 too expensive for me. I have the internet.

The main thing about Double Peace is that it never really goes far enough.





Is there fun to be had here? Yeah, I can’t think of any comparable games for the Vita, at least in terms of gameplay.

The horniness falls far below Senran Kagura and is probably somewhere around Akiba’s Trip, which plays it more for laughs than any genuine titillation.

So if you’ve come to Gal*Gun for just straight up filth you are going to be disappointed.


Hank Butts is the senior shame editor for OMID