Game of Thrones S06E07 Power Rankings

Where does the time go? We're already in the backstretch of the season and my life will be empty again soon.


1. The Blackfish

Great nickname, has a castle.

Those are two things I don't have, and at least as far as castle ownership is concerned I wouldn't say no to one. I don't need a nickname. It's cool. Don't give me a nickname, I don't need any new issues to bring up with my therapist. 

Bynden Tully doesn't have much going for him these days, but he's got a castle, plus his armour really works with the whole fish motif he has going, which is adorable, and most importantly he has the number one on this semi-unpopular list. I think that's something you can put on your resume. The next few weeks are going to be real rough for the old boy, he's got the Lannister army beating at his door. Is Jamie Lannister any good at wars? I don't know! His dad was, his brother is pretty decent at strategy, did any of that ability percolate into Jamie? Time will tell.


2. Bronn


Bronn is the best!

It warms my broken little heart so much to see him again. It's not necessarily a good thing, as long as he was off screen he could live in our hearts and minds, forever. 

He's with Jamie right now, and they're fixing to take Riverrun back from The Blackfish. It's going to end poorly for one of the two, unfortunately for our sweet Bronn, he's on the Lannister side, so I have to cheer against him this time. Here's hoping you make it through this difficult time, B-Dawg.


3. Davos Seaworth

He's real good with kids this guy. He convinced the very sassy young lady in charge of Bear Island to join up with the Stark posse, even though it's only like sixty guys. They're probably part bear or something, and allegedly as fierce as 10 men, so basically they're 600 dudes, plus they have a giant, which is probably worth another like 500 guys. They got quite a little army going on, looks like they might be joined sooner or later by Littlefinger and the Knights of The Vale. 

What a great guy, I wish he was my uncle. I also with Captain Picard was my dad, I dunno. No disrespect to my dad and uncles, but none of them have English or even Irish accents. 

As far as I know.


4. Sandor Clegane

This rowdy boy is back, and he's going to go all Charles Bronson on some fools!


5. Margaery Tyrell

I don't know what she's up to. 

White women are sneaky though, and you shouldn't trust them! Naw I'm just playin! I love white women! I love all women!

Glad to see her correspondence art classes are paying off.

Next week she learns to draw an adorable bear in a hat.



Losers of the week


Edmure Tully, sorry dawg, your uncle doesn't care if you die. Loved you in Rome though!



Arya Stark, just had to go and get yourself shanked, prison style, didn't you?


These street toughs that are about to get hit by the Clagane Pain Train