Game of Thrones S06E09 Power Rankings



1. Drogon

His PER is out of control.

His PER is out of control.

Drogon is LeBron.

He's bigger and stronger than just about anyone on the field, and his efficiency is through the roof. LeBron was shooting at more than 56% from the field in his last two seasons in Miami, Drogon is 100%. Really respecting his growing leadership ability, took over the battle in Mereen like LeBron did in the last 3 games vs Golden State.. Been super high on his potential for a couple of years, this was a breakout performance for Drogon, I'm expecting him to develop into an unstoppable force in the coming season. 


2. Jon Snow

Not great with the tactics, seems to have studied at the Harry Redknapp school of FRAAB (f-ing run around a bit) but he still managed to beat the worst guy in the world with an inferior army and largely without even a horse. Tremendous punching ability. Strong episode for him.


3. Wun Wun

Something, something, something, and then I took an arrow to the knee.

Something, something, something, and then I took an arrow to the knee.

Didn't have the biggest night in terms of numbers, at least not what is expected of him, an actual giant. He rips people in half. Despite that he came up huge in crunch time, beating down the door at Winterfell which allowed the remaining Stark forces to rush in, and Jon to punch Ramsay in the face a whole bunch. Good contributor, will be missed.


4. Sansa Stark

Her beautiful penmanship from a few weeks ago really payed off today, it got Littlefinger to send the Knights of The Vale and brought the Stark's back from the jaws of defeat. She also got the last laugh on Ramsay. Feeding him to his own dogs is pretty cold, you have to admit.


5. Yara Greyjoy

All it took her was 100 ships and she's closer to getting in the Khaleesi's pants than poor Jorah will ever be.



Losers of the week


Rickon Stark

Slave Owners

Ramsay Bolton

This poor guy who got flayed and lit on fire