Game of Thrones S06E08 Power Rankings

A little late and short this week because I got distracted watching E3 stuff.


1. Friendship

The tenderness of Jamie and Brienne's friendship, the mutual admiration between Pod and Bronn for their respective sword skills, the scene of Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei trading jokes and drinking wine, and Tyrion's admission to Varys that he'll miss him while he's away are moments of sweetness that remind us why Westeros and I guess the world at large are worth saving from ice zombies. 


2. Arya Stark

It only took two years for her to get her first MMA win against The Waif. We watched her get her ass kicked over and over, who would have thought that the key to victory was a sword? If we knew that then maybe she could have avoided a whole lot of ass whoopings. More importantly game recognized game and Jaqen seems pretty cool with everything that happened, the many faced god got a life, so Jaqen is probably not going to kill her, which is lucky because he's a super good murder boy- probably top 5 in the world at killing.


3. The Hound

Strong opening for him, he cold killed some dudes who were just hanging out, practicing kissing and touching each others butts in a super straight way. Took out the first three with only three slashes before chopping the fourth guy in the ding dong with an axe, which is a pretty baller move. He didn't stop there, he got his revenge on the guy with the gold cloak that killed Al Swearangen last week. Scores lots of points for the sheer volume of blood he was responsible for spilling this week, also some points for the wiener chop. 

I hope he sticks with the Brotherhood for a while, they seem like a good influence.



4. The Mountain

He's not putting up big numbers like his sweet baby brother, but he's the best at murder stunting. This week he ripped a faith militant's face in half like a regular strong man would do a phonebook


5. Pod

I know some of the true heads out there like to keep abreast of the latest Pod news, you'll be happy to know he had a solid performance this week. Started off iffy with Bronn getting the drop on him pretty much as soon as they reached the Lannister camp, but it was just a goof between friends, and soon they were laughing and grabbing each others hogs. There is a mutual respect there, Pod has respect for Bronn's sword fighting ability and Bronn respects Pods Swordplay ability.

Talkin' bout sex y'all.

It was so good to see him though, for real. He has a purity of heart that will surely keep him safe in the coming war against the undead. I'm predicting he gets a seat on King Sam's small council when he inevitably claims the iron throne.


Losers of the week

The forest fun boys

The Blackfish, rest in power

Cersei Lannister


Lady Crane



Until next week, be good to each other