Reviewing David Beckhams's Underwear.

David Beckham has put his name on some items at H+M, most importantly for me, he’s put his name, and face, and tremendous abs behind some underwear.

He's just like me.

He's just like me.

I wear underwear often; some might even say daily. Unfortunately for me, the previous two times I bought underwear have been a disaster. Either I bought the wrong cut, or in the case of the last time, I didn’t do anything wrong, Lacoste just makes a bad underwear.

They were the Steve Harvey suits of underwear. They were basically JNCO jeans for the swimsuit area. You could feed a family of five with the fabric used in these things. If I wanted to buy basketball shorts I would have bought basketball shorts. I hated them so much.

Anyways, back to Beckham.

I bought underwear at H+M in the past; I find they offer colourful underwear at a reasonable price, though to be honest, they can feel a little flimsy. When I’m feeling fancy I’ll get into some Paul Smith’s. But let me tell you, at $35-50 a pop, it’s a rare treat for me, but always welcome.

David Beckhams’s H+M collaboration offers something in between the two price points, and I got to say, the quality on them is pretty decent. A much softer cotton than their more budget conscious H+M brethren, almost on par with Paul Smith. The waistband was shockingly chunky. I don’t know what to make of it, but I don’t hate it.

It was like $40 for a three pack, I saw two different colour options, a white, maroon, and black pack, and a black, heather grey, and gunmetal grey pack, which is what I elected to purchase. I would really like more colour or patterns, come on David Beckham, get weird, also: who is buying white underwear? What’s wrong with you?

For me, the Beckhams are a good purchase for the quality and price. Hopefully they’ll get a little more buckwild with their colouring in the future because there are only so many pairs of black underwear a man can wear. Unless you’re like a goth or something, then I guess you probably really want black underwear.