Top 5 best train stations to have a romantic date at

Dating is hard, no question, how can we make your experience easier?


Let me help you take some of the planning out of your romantic encounters, leaving you time to focus on other things, like cheese and if you can afford to get Fanta, or if you should just stick to store brand grape soda.


Location, location, location


You’ve gotten her to agree to spend some time with you, and that’s great! You’re one up on me, I can’t even get a Tinder match these days, ha ha, just kidding, I’m not on Tinder because my self esteem is low enough already. Anyways, you got your foot in the door, now you need to decide what you’re going to do, and vitally, WHERE you’re going to do it. I mean, your date, not DOING IT, like humping.


Can I make a recommendation?


Train stations are plentiful and many offer amenities like benches, and heaters, and puddles of hobo urine, which are all great conversation starters.


So what are the best train stations to get your romance on?


Glad you asked. Here is the definitive ranking of Calgary’s C-Train stations based on probably love science.




Sunalta stresses me out a lot, in part because I’m kinda afraid of heights. But for those that are more adventurous Sunalta offers something that no other station does: verticality.

 It’s proximity to the Greyhound station means there is no shortage of weird drifters hanging around there. I assume. I don’t know, I’ve never been to the Greyhound station, but I assume it’s a bunch of people running away from home and scumbags. Like, no offence if you ride the Greyhound regularly, I’m not judging, except I sort of am. But it’s cool, do what you gotta do man.



Boasting a scenic view of the river Bridgeland/Memorial might be the crown jewel of romantic train stations. It’s proximity to downtown as well as a Starbucks, so that you can pee indoors, makes it a great meeting spot.

Other features include: benches, so you can enjoy a nice picnic spread of probably a couple of McDoubles because you’re clearly broke if you’re taking a girl to a train station, it also has well lit shelters with working heaters, which is nice. It’s really annoying when you get one of those stations where they put the heater on the ceiling, like what am I supposed to do? Does Calgary Transit not know that hot air rises? Like, unless you’re seven feet tall you might as well be outside.



Westbrook station is built on the charred and salted remains of what was once Ernest Manning high school. Notable Ernest Manning graduates include Bret and Owen Hart, so I dunno, do whatever you want with that info.

Westbrook boasts some lovely underground platforms, which during off hours really give the station a sense of romance that you can’t get being above ground. Westbrook station also features a public library, and what is more sexy than knowledge?


8th Street

Proximity to one of Calgary’s most notable and beloved landmarks, the Crack Macs and probably a lot of drug deals gives this station an air of danger. An elevated heart rate and proximity to a super sketchy McDonalds makes this platform a hot spot for love.

Hey remember when they were going to change all the Macs’ to Circle K? What happened to that? That news came out a couple of years ago already and I haven’t seen a single Circle K.


69th Street




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