The Butterfly Effect- A quick survey of the craziest towns in music

Old Media is Dead co-founder Lucas Roberts, you might know him from having a beard. Well, OK, so He and I went for frozen yogurt last week and he started going on about the song 'Butterfly' by Crazy Town. Not weird, I think about that song pretty much every morning when I wake up, it's the second thing I think about after that Sugar Ray song, I can't remember what it's called. 

Anyway's in honor of Lucas, who I hope gets a haircut soon, here is a short list of the craziest  towns in music that nobody really asked for.

Crazy Town

Such a sexy,sexy pretty little thing
Fierce nipple pierce you got me sprung with your tongue ring
— Butterfly, Crazy Town

You'd think that in a song this dumb the metaphor would be pretty straight forward,  butterfly's are nice to look at, sometimes ladies are nice to look at. From what I am lead to believe from doing some kinda minimal research, 'buttefly' is not referring to the beauty of the woman the man pines for, it's apparently another name for MDMA, or as the kids of the day call it 'Molly'. I just assumed it was like code for female genitals or something. Also, side note, can we stop calling it 'Molly'? It's about as played out as saying 'Bling'.

Definitely into drugs.

Definitely into drugs.

I guess if you look at the 'band' it seems more likely that they would be talking about drugs than bugs. Just look at them, not an entomologist among them, they wouldn't know a ladybug from a bag of heroin. Just kidding, these guys definitely 100% know what a bag of heroin looks like.  The guy on the right looks like what would happen if you gave Guy Fieri nothing to eat but deep fried cocaine, and his buddy to the left there just looks like the state of Florida. Don't ask me what their names are, probably Jeff and The Gooch, I literally have the Crazy Town Wikipedia page open right now, but I can't be bothered to look it up, I just know some of them have nicknames they probably gave themselves. They aren't super crazy, which is a real disappointment, what with the name and all. But they do manage to get points for really bad piercings and having a black drummer, which to be honest was unexpected. I guess them even playing instruments was kinda unexpected. 


The Brian Jonestown Massacre

I don't know if this counts as a town. I guess it's no less a town than Crazy Town, hey  where does the band Chicago stand? Does anyone call them Chi-Town? I will start calling Chicago 'Chi-town' for the right price.

I guess they're known for doing the opening song for the kinda garbage HBO show Boardwalk Empire, I'm so mad at that show it's unreal. They killed all their best charachters, I still mourn for Owen Sleater, and Richard Harrow. While I'm glad Charlie Cox has landed on his feet, I really hope Jack Huston gets some more work soon. That's all besides the point, I guess they're also known if you were into the west coast shoegaze scene of the 90's, or if you saw the documentary DIG! which probably means you're into the shoegaze scene of the 90's. Are they any crazier than Crazy Town? Well, the frontman, Anton Newcombe I think used to be pretty into drugs, but he's like sober now, which if you've met me you'll know is no fun, because I'm no fun.

Sorry Brian Jonestown Massacre, you are not crazier than Crazy Town.



For my dollar the secret craziest town of the day was a charming little place called O-Town, which now that I think about it is really really gross. If you're quite young and don't know who O-Town are, they were like a 3rd tier boyband, right below 98 degrees, but definitely above b44. They formed on a reality TV show, and one of the original guys quit the band to go to med school, a move I'm sure he regrets to this day.

dream about a girl who’s a mix of Destiny’s Child
Just a little touch Madonna’s wild style
With Janet Jackson’s smile, throw in a body like Jennifer’s
You’ve got the star of my liquid dream.
— Puberty


Not only are they called 'O-town' I'm pretty sure this song is just straight up about wet dreams. Yes the not very subtly titled 'Liquid Dreams' where they basically describe a girl they're whacking it to. The craziest thing is that this song is pretty much for 14 year old girls and nobody was arrested. Do 14 year old girls even know what wet dreams are? Why is the music video co-starring T-1000's mom? How much did this music video even cost? This is some pretty advanced CG for 2000. I feel like a lot of people have some pretty big regrets about this whole thing.


Lazy Town

I barely know what Lazy Town is, I think it was a kids TV show that internet creeps got way too into like 5 years ago, It stars a girl with a pink wig and I refuse to google it because I'm afraid if I do I'll end up on some kind of watch list. My only real point of reference for Lazy Town is this video.

Life is pretty weird sometimes.