First new Libertines tracks in what feels like a lifetime.

I'm weeping

I'm weeping

I don't write about music, I don't know how to, but this is huge guys, HUGE.

Filling in last minute at Glastonbury earlier today, The Libertines played a couple of new tracks from their hotly anticipated (by me) upcoming album. The first song is called "Gunga Gin", and I am weeping. Not really, but its a hell of a tune. I've played it a couple dozen times already, I'm pretty into it.

Also making its network television debut (maybe) is a track called "Handsome" which I have to believe is all about me. Guys, it's really important for me that you think I'm handsome. Would it kill you to go out of your way to tell me more often? Anyways, here is a YouTube video of the song.

For those that don't know, The Libertines are (it feels great to say "are" instead of "were") a four piece from London, formed in the late 90's by a couple of young bucks who met at university; Carl Barat and Peter Doherty, and guys with names like "Scarborough Steve" and "Mr. Razzcocks", eventually settling for a couple of talented musicians that have normal names, John Hassall and Gary Powell. Their two albums, 2002's Up The Bracket, and 2004's The Libertines are what the kids are calling "fire emoji" these days, influencing British rock for the next decade. 




Please call/text me more often to tell me I'm handsome.