Downton Countdon - Season 6 Episode 2 Power Rankings


What a week it's been.  I guess it's only Tuesday. I would have done this sooner but I got my copy of Persona 4: Dancing all night yesterday so I have no concept of time anymore. That plus attending a screening of April and the Extraordinary World last night, and upgrading to Windows 10 today has me feeling like I'm falling behind schedule on everything. I could really use a good cuddle right now. Whatever happened to that app that was like tinder for cuddling? Did that ever pick up steam? I gotta look into this.


Let's get to it.


5. Mr. Barrow aka Thomas

Thomas is the cheeky one.

Thomas is the cheeky one.

He's only here out of pity, he had a real bad week. The unattractive footman, I can't remember his name, maybe Andy? Well, he doesn't want to be Thomas' friend, and I think that has him down. Plus he seems to be on the chopping block and can't find decent employment anywhere. I fear Thomas is going to end up on the streets, selling his body for stale bread or whatever it is poor people ate in the early 20th century. I hope giving him a shout out raises his spirits. You'll get 'em next week Thomas!


4. These award winning pigs.



Just look at these pigs! Wow, I have never seen such a beautiful pigs!  These are porkers the Earl of Grantham can be proud of! I don't know what makes an award winning pig, I guess this. These pigs won an award, for being the piggiest, I guess.


3.  The sad farmer, I can't remember his name right now. It's Mr. Drewe, I had to do some serious Google work.

#1 pig famer

#1 pig famer

You know, big week for him. It's probably his last appearance, but he went out with a bang! It was in fact Mr. Drewe that raised those prize winning pigs! What a tremendous farmer! He always looks real sad, probably because his wife is a baby stealer. He's basically the most understanding and patient man in the universe.


2. Anna Bates

 Seeing that lady doctor really lifted her spirits. She was down in the dumps as you may recall because her lady bits aren't working as well as they should and she was having trouble making a baby with her husband. Luckily for her she works for Lady Mary, and it pays to have rich friends as was evidenced here when she took Anna into town to see her lady doctor who had some positive news for her. It's this kind of low stakes drama I love Downton for, we're not trying to save the world, we're just trying to make babies. 


1. Lady Mary

It must be nice being rich and white. Granted she's also a woman so it wasn't all peaches and gravy for her, especially in the early 20th century. Fortunately being rich really helps with that. I'm really glad Mary is taking a bigger role in the running of the estate as the new agent, whatever that means. She's taken to her new job like a duck to water as they say,  it's a man's world but Mary is doing her part to 'smash the patriarchy', which is a thing I read on tumblr one time. She's ahead of her time in a lot of ways, I hope this works out for the best and she isn't murdered by angry mens rights activists in the finale.

Downton Style Watch 2k15


I'm really feeling these oxblood gloves on Lord Merton. Top notch.


Kinda Weird Crush Alert.

I just want to drink some warm milk and have Baxter read me a bedtime story. I dunno, the heart wants what it wants.