Too Similar Tuesdays - Daniel Day-Lewis vs. Billy Bob Thornton

Two of the finest actors of their time. Both similar in many ways. For example, both actors have three part names, with the first two parts starting with the same letter. Both men are close in age and height. And they look the same. It has long been argued which of the two is the superior man.



Sure, Daniel Day-Lewis has starred in such beloved films as There Will Be BloodLincoln, My Left Foot, The Last of the Mohicans, and Gangs of new York, but Billy Bob Thornton has proven himself to be just as versatile, with movies such as Bad Santa.



Well wonder no more, for I have determined the definitive answer to this age-old conundrum. Both of these legendary actors will compete in five categories, and the man with the most points at the end will be crowned the winner.



It’s time to determine, once and for all, which is the better man.




Academy Awards



Billy Bob has won the highly underrated “Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published” award, but against all odds, Day-Lewis has him beat with 3 Best Actors. Wow, give someone else a chance, you goddamn showoff.



Sorry Billy Bob, but we’re measuring quantity, not quality.



Score: Billy Bob 0 – Daniel 1




Both men bear an uncanny resemblance to the other. BUT, Billy Bob has a sick soul patch.

Point to DDL.

Score: Billy Bob 0 - Daniel 2

Presidential Portrayals

Both actors have portrayed a US president.Daniel Day-Lewis played the titular role in the Abraham Lincoln biopic, Lincoln. He won an academy award for the role. He won an academy award for the role. 

Billy Bob Thornton played a fictional president in Love Actually. 

Day-Lewis wins by a hair.

Score: Billy Bob 0 – Daniel 3

Number of Wives

Daniel Day-Lewis married his wife Rebecca Miller in 1996. They are still married to this day and have had two kids together.

Billy Bob Thornton on the other hand, has taken a whopping SIX wives, one of them being Angelina Jolie.

I smell a comeback…


Score: Billy Bob 1 – Daniel 3


Not Being a Huge Piece of Shit



Daniel Day-Lewis is renowned for his work on stage, on television, and in film. In 2014 he received a knighthood for his contribution to drama. He is the honorary president of the UK charity, The Poetry Archive, and has donated several antique manuscripts from his collection to Oxford University.

In 1997 Billy Bob Thronton and his wife divorced and he was accused of spousal abuse.

Also in 2009 he was really shitty to Jian Ghomeshi in an interview for CBC because Ghomeshi mentioned Thornton’s film career despite producers being told that Oscar Winning Actor Billy Bob Thornton’s acting career was not to be mentioned. He was there ONLY to discuss his laughable foray into music. He then went on to insult Canadian audiences, comparing them to “Mashed potatoes with no gravy.”

Warning: this video is one of the most awkward things you will ever see.

Point to Day-Lewis.

Final Score: Billy Bob 1 – Daniel 4


Wasn’t much of a tough call in the end…

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