Scary Not Scary Jammmzzz

The other day handsome dare devil Joe Menjivar posted Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon, a song that until just then I had assumed was done by the guy who did Sweet Home Alabama. It’s not. Different guys. Still seems to be a little bit of controversy surrounding the similarity of these two songs. Especially since Kid Rock did a cover of Sweet Home Alabama  but used the music from Werewolf of London.


Now this coupled with the fact that I just started watching X Files, and they’ve started putting Halloween stuff out next to the back to school stuff... I feel like a spooky playlist is in order.

Don’t be alarmed as these songs are at best spooky. I don’t go for scary, that’s for psychos who didn’t get enough love from their mothers. This is for the people who think that Mulder and Scully stayed in a lot of Motels. They fight off aliens, they deserve a lobby and the occasional pool. If you agree hit play, lay back and imagine a world where these two heroes get to enjoy the luxury of an economy hotel and maybe an overpriced can of cashews from the mini bar.

There are definitely some spooky tracks that I missed, please comment with suggestions. Maybe by actual Halloween I can put out a definitively Spooky Jamz.